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The Way of Blessing

the Art and Practice

In collaboration with IDHHB

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Online Zoom Event:

With Koyote Ciego & Wilson Cloudchamber

Date: Saturday, July 9th
Time: 10 am pst

The program will be in Spanish & English

What is a 'blessing' and how does it relate to our work? Is 'blessing' just kindness? Does simply opening to the possibility of blessing connect us to the seen and unseen?  How does one begin the way of blessing as a path? Koyote Ciego and Wilson Cloudchamber will explore these questions and how the practice of 'blessing' is a powerful tool for transformation.

May the ancient blessings

woven within our being, breath, and heart,

help us remember who we are and why we are here.


Come join us.

"Dreaming is about waking up to a deeper reality."

Wilson Cloudchamber

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