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Wilson Cloudchamber

Wilson Cloudchamber is currently employed as a Clerical Assistant at the Library of Time and Space. She has a quirky Heisenberg personality, dates an anonymous quantum mechanic, and lives quietly with her cat Schrodinger. Her passions include divination, dreaming, and poetics.

Koyote The Blind

Koyote was not born. He just became a possibility.


Koyote The Blind is a Salvadoran shaman and magician trained in the Toltec tradition and

Western magick. In 1985, Koyote was forced into exile when targeted by death squads.

He fled to the USA, obtaining political asylum and pursuing his graduate and post-graduate

studies in Philosophy and Cognitive Sciences.

Shaman: In 1995, Koyote was initiated into the Toltec tradition and acknowledged as a teacher in the lineage by the elder Nahual, Teczaki Güitame Cachora.


Healer: In 2007, the Aka Dua was released to the public as a method for spiritual attainment through this healing and transformational energy.


Hablador: Koyote is not a traditional storyteller. In his Toltec improvisational performance art called The Telling, Koyote weaves with words, mudras, and magical passes. The movements of his shadows transmit a tapestry of multiple dimensions and reform the world.


Author: He has authored books and created seminars on the Yoga of Dreaming, Toltec teachings, meditation, astral voyaging, magick, the power of attention, alchemy, and tantra. Koyote runs a branch of the A.'. A.'. under the Ox and None Clerk-House; and Xicoco Shamanic Arts, where he trains students in magick, shamanism, mysticism, and yoga.

claude needham.jpg

Claude Needham

I came from a very creative family environment that valued both the sciences and the arts as by-products of a creative, questing mind. I recall lots of skate-boarding, toy rockets, chemistry, and Erector sets, tunnel forts, crystal radios, dirt clod fights, Risk, toy figures, model airplanes, and reading, reading, reading, and the ever-present Mad magazine.


You know... the usual.

No-so-recent History: Ph.D. Molecular Biophysics


Recent History: My time is currently spent in a kaleidoscopic scurry between writing, sculpting, web-
design, consulting, game design, gaming, and consulting.


Writing: I find my writing falls equally between science topics, humor, death-n-dying, and science fiction.
I suppose there is a little of all in each.


Artist: I am best known for my polymorphic forms in stone. However, I definitely enjoy working with
found objects, wood, and alternative materials when the right project comes along.
Game Design and Gaming: It turns out that game design is not too distant from physics and programming.


In addition to designing games, I love to play games -- games of all sorts.
Consulting: I love solving problems. I developed this proclivity as a physicist and have taken it further in
my work as an artist, programmer, web designer, marketer, and screen-writer. As you may guess I've
consulted in all four realms.


Future History: If the past is anything to go by, most likely I will be eternally involved in one form of
creative project or process after another.

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