The Guides

Wilson Cloudchamber

Wilson Cloudchamber is currently employed as a Clerical Assistant at the Library of Time and Space. She has a quirky Heisenberg personality, dates an anonymous quantum mechanic, and lives quietly with her cat Schrodinger. Her passions include divination, dreaming, and poetics.

Koyote The Blind

Koyote was not born. He just became a possibility.

Koyote The Blind is a Salvadoran shaman and magician trained in the Toltec tradition and Western magick.


Koyote was initiated into the Toltec tradition and acknowledged as a teacher in the lineage by the elder Nahual, Teczaki Güitame Cachora.

Koyote is not a traditional shaman or storyteller.

His Toltec improvisational performance art is called The Telling.  weaves with words, mudras, and magical passes. The movements of his shadows transmit a tapestry of multiple dimensions and reform the world.

Koyote is the author of books and seminars on Dreaming, Toltec teachings, meditation, astral voyaging, magick, the power of attention, alchemy, and tantra. He founded Xicoco Shamanic Arts to train students in magick, shamanism, mysticism, and yoga.

Christa Lynne

Christa Lynne has long been a Keeper of Secrets, a quiet witch who walks between worlds, receiving and delivering the details and knowledge needed by those who seek it.


When the sun is up she does her work in the garden in the company of the wild spirits and her familiars. In the night, she weaves stories and dreams through art and the magical ways of henna and beeswax.

Christa Lynne