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Wilson Cloudchamber

Wilson Cloudchamber is currently employed as a Clerical Assistant at the Library of Time and Space. She has a quirky Heisenberg personality, dates an anonymous quantum mechanic, and lives quietly with her cat Schrodinger. Her passions include divination, dreaming, and poetics.


Koyote Ciego

Koyote Ciego is a Salvadoran shaman and magician trained in the Toltec tradition and Western magick.

Koyote was initiated into the Toltec tradition and acknowledged as a teacher in the lineage by the elder Nahual, Teczaki Güitame Cachora.

Koyote is not a traditional shaman or storyteller.

Through the Telling, language and the myths become colors and shadows, sounds and silences to be rearranged, disturbed, destroyed and reformed in art and act of creation.

Koyote is the author of books and seminars on Dreaming, Toltec teachings, meditation, astral voyaging, magick, the power of attention, alchemy, and tantra. He founded Xicoco Shamanic Arts to train students in magick, shamanism, mysticism, and yoga.

Dr. Heather Elkins

Dr. Heather Murray Elkins is Emerita Professor of worship, preaching and the arts of Drew Theological School at Drew University.

Heather is an author and a widely-known preacher and teacher in the area of worship, preaching, spirituality, and the arts.

 Rev. Elkins has devoted her life work to the integration of spiritual, political, and bodily life.  Drawing on the spiritual resources of traditional liturgies, the arts, and culture, she utilizes poetry, prayer, culture, and ritual studies.

You can find more of her work at:

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