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Wilson Cloudchamber

Wilson Cloudchamber is currently employed as a Clerical Assistant at the Library of Time and Space. She has a quirky Heisenberg personality, dates an anonymous quantum mechanic, and lives quietly with her cat Schrodinger. Her passions include divination, dreaming, and poetics.


Oz Fritz

Oz Fritz started working as a sound engineer in Western Canada in 1979.  That eventually led to studio recording, mixing and mastering, music production, audio consultation, and education. He is currently based in Nevada City, California. A year or two after beginning his career in sound, Oz got introduced to magick through the writings of Robert Anton Wilson and Aleister Crowley. Oz also began practicing yoga at that time.   

His initial big break in music came from meeting and working with Bill Laswell.  Through Bill, Oz worked with The Ramones, Iggy Pop, John Zorn, Ornette Coleman, Miles Davis, Tony Williams, and countless other world-class musicians.  After moving to the West Coast in 1993, Oz met Tom Waits through a mutual friend who introduced him to Primus and to John Hammond Jr.  Later, Oz recorded extensively in West Africa There he met and worked with Donso and Shaman Sibiri Samake.

Oz continued his esoteric experiments alongside the music. In 1989 he discovered the floatation tank and has owned one ever since, using it on a daily basis.  He has studied magic and Tarot with Lon Milo Duquette and Peter Carroll.  Oz has been working with E. J. Gold and the Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being since 1990.  He helped assemble and organize their digital archive of audio recordings.  At I.D.H.H.B. he learned the four powers of the Sphinx.

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